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There are great the moments that we have spent(passed) with our companions since met this spectacular race that is the Shiba Inu. They have been happy and sad moments in the middle of the daily routine. From the beginning, and encouraged by others who knew better the breed, we always had a clear objective: to contribute to the task of making known a race that although was widely accepted it was at the same time widely disseminated.
From the beginning we knew that to accomplish our goal would not be enough to put two "shibas". It was necessary to choose such copies, build appropriate facilities, change our place of residence , Spend time, money and desire to overcome tough times and wait for the reward of daily effort.
More than 12 years later, recording numerous new copies every year in LOE, the emergence of knowledge-sharing forums about race, and the presence of race in other areas of everyday life confirm that much of our goal is accomplished.

Far from being satisfied with success, the growing number of crossings between uncontrolled copies, has led us to set new goals, setting new challenges such as introducing the concept of the conservation of the breed according to a standard mostly accepted and the selection of individuals according to those standards

From here we want to give them thanks to all those persons who have trusted in us and thanks to his enthusiasm encouraged us in the daily hard work and also those whose with her critique have helped us to focus our efforts. In a way, we want to dedicate this page all of them, and all to continue doing.

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The Races

Shiba Inu


The shiba looks like a small wolf. His eyes slanted incite find a kinship with the wolf. In fact not always called "Shiba Inu". He was also named as Sanin Shiba, Mino Shiba or Shiba Shinshuh. In a world full of stress brings dose of temperance and moderation. In an Olympian calm is not at all a nervous dog that barks or growls at the first chance.

Boys Girls Standard/Race



Robust and agile dogs are perfect for running up the mountain. His stature typically middle, between the large akita and the small Shiba and is characterized by its appearance like wolf and its coat sesame. As the shiba, intelligent, fast learning, but instead that their Japanese relatives are not as independent dogs


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