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'Because not all are Shibas.'

'Dana' was the first to arrive at our newly home, back in the finish of 90s. It was a dog without pedigree, not even race, but stood by its characteristic gray color and endless energy. Came at a difficult time in which disease and depression had kept me bedridden had it not been for the new responsibilities supposed to take that little fur ball. It was adopted from shelter 'Ca la Quimeta' in Argentona, in the fall of 99, where with only with one month old it had exceeded the adversities of human neglect and snub. Undoubtedly, it was a invaluable help, and a company unsurpassed, that even today (23/08/2013), gives me long walks and fun times. It was then, after I (J.F.A.) recover physically, when we decided we wanted to spend the rest of our days with such faithful companions. We got down to the work to plan our project. Many will say, if we love the dogs, we should work in a protective, rescuing dogs in as much better, and at all cost. But the responsibility of abandonment and uncontrolled crossings between dogs is limited solely and exclusively to their owners. No dogs of 'breed' abound in the shelters. It was crucial for us. We had to work with purebred dogs, but not everyone, had to be a race not known, yet no one would dare to leave.

Little by little, thanks to a fledgling Internet, we could checking how people was marketing to dog as if they were articles, and when most fashionable race more marketing. For more than a year we carefully scrutinizing the different races, at the same time we began our migration from the big city to the rural environment. A new life, a new house, new jobs and new hopes. It was not an easy search, but certainly, like most happens, once we discovered the Shiba Inu, we could not go back, we had not read anything like it anywhere else.

Thor y Afrodita Thor y Afrodita The first step was taken. So we came to our our first shibas, Aphrodite de Uribnako and Thor de Urbinako, from the recognized kennel Urbinako. We will always remember the day we went to pick them, one day that would be marked in the history books: September 11, 2001. It was an unknown race, with a small economic interest, because it is a race with few offspring, but with incredible qualities that gradually we discovered. They were the first few years of learning, living, in which our goal had acquired a sense: to make help to know this race to people, share with others the experience of living with a Shiba. So, encouraged and advised by the betters in Spain J.C. from Pinaroka and Urbinako was born our first litter of Shiba Inu and one of the few that took place in Spain in these time. A little later came to our house Pinaroka Eiko, JC's hand, whom we will be forever grateful for your attention, advice and for trusting us to take care of She. Almost simultaneously, S. E. gave us the possibility to improve significantly with the addition of a new male, Spanish Guitar 'Taku'. At these time, it was not easy to found shiba breeders in Europe, as there was a widespread race and we trust in the best at that moment.

t took some time until the arrival of new offspring, a time used to keep learning and preparing better facilities. So, during that time we incorporated our first B/T so many dificult have to breed and we are proud (especially our Pandora, winner of a Nippo Show). Over these years we have also other dogs in our home for adoption, we went to the rescue of a few others, and we help with outreach. They spent all races to adoption: German shepher, mixed with German Shepherd aspect, some of the hunters (always lose ...), golden retriever, breton anglais, etc. .. Meanwhile, little by little, as we were going learning and meeting other breeders, we saw the problem that haunts the Shiba: the ease to which it degrade. The increased popularity of the breed (appearance in advertisement, games console, etc.) has been paralleled by the appearance of opportunistic and unscrupulous, who are just trying to find a financial benefit, without considering the suitability for bringing up a Shiba, without studying the genealogy and in most cases without adequate facilities to allow free expression and behavior of dogs. All these years have been very hard, and in which there aren't always had puppies. I need to clarify at this point that today we do NOT live in the sale of puppies.

Already in our recent history, with a new change of residence, new job, new mortgage and a better and more large installations seek to struggle to maintain the characteristics that make a shiba a Shiba, maintaining the balance of all features and typicality of the race, not only with import, fate with our own breed work. Thanks to the new facilities, we can go a step further and allow us to make a work of selection in order to preserve the characteristics of the breed. Paradoxically, the presence ever more massive of shibas that deviate from the standard (badly inserted/large ears, dental problems, 'rare' coat colors, wrong queue, etc..) facilitates our work of diffusion of the dangers that leads an irresponsible breeding, based on unique belief that breed is to join two dogs with pedigree. That is clear: having 'pedigree' is not sufficient argument for a copy should raise.

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